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Chuck Britt • Poems-Vocals
Michael Vlatkovich • Compositions-Trombone
David Crigger • Drums-Percussion-Electronics
Dominic Genova • Bass
Vinny Golia • Woodwinds
Lou Gonzales • Trumpet
Warren Hartman • Keyboards
Bill Masonheimer • Tuba
Dave Riddles • Woodwinds
Rory Stuart • Guitar


• Group Vocals •
Brad Bennett    Devora Block    Aaron Britt
Gavin O'Sullivan    Alison Pipitone   Damon Pipitone

Produced by: Chuck Britt, Michael Vlatkovich and David Crigger

Recorded by: David Crigger
All Words by: Chuck Britt
All Music by Michael Vlatkovich
Mastered by David Ellsworth @ Location Recording Services
Originally released in 1988 as Thank You Records MV005

1 • All The Little Worries (5:37)
2 • Defiant Milk (6:18)
3 • Latent Monk (2:09)
4 • The Father Stone (7:18)
5 • Writer's Tool/Meal (3:26)
6 • The Rhapsodic Turtle (12:36)
7 • For Mike (4:13)


All The Little Worries


When "I can't."
Becomes "I must."

I feel your eyes
Across a city
Nothing between us now
But me

The stars are scattered night is chaos

Will our bodies sigh
Asking all the deepest questions
Once again?

I remember long cold winters
A wild man
Blood stained snow
Bound by devils chains
The strongest angels couldn't break

Waiting for the dreams
To melt the pain
Will my tattered monster
Bleed no more?

All the little worries fade away
All the little worries fade away

When "If she."
Becomes "She did."

I feel the new life
Quicken deep
Knowing so long
That it could happen

But will my secret belong to me?

Then our bodies sigh
Asking all the deepest questions
Once again

I remember your first touches
Finger tips
My hair on end
Waves of reassurance
Pound the shores of all my questions

The voice of your skin
The feel of your words
I can see your soul
speak to me

All the little worries fade away
All the little worries fade away

When "Am I?"
Becomes "I will."

I feel my soul
Begin to move
Comfort takes me
To the jungle

But only risk will lead me home

Now our bodies sigh
Asking all the deepest questions
Once again

I remember long hot summers
A mended soul
Begins to grow
Released by Zion's secret
Stolen from the depths of hell

I bring the word
That will lead me to you
My secret song
Is all I own

All the little worries fade away
All the little worries fade away

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Defiant Milk

(Toward Satyagraha)

Crashing mantras
Hit me over the head
Two by fours
To get my attention
Then a Mormon choir chants....


And then....


There is soooooooooooooo much
Work to be done
No blame
But like a woman's
Glassy emotionless stare
Wishing to run
From some archaic modern/terror
But staying instead to seize me
Slicing - Burning - Grocery Line - Atomic - Stare
The streets will explode
The hemisphere will shrink
The world will no longer
Chew its cud
No more rumination.... Milk

The right will
Know too late
Man that it is

The left will
Know too late
Woman that it is

Right now
Of some sex
May be braving the mirror

But few of any sex
Will stir up that sort of trouble

Getting close ones wet

The sort of deep doubt
The sort of Defiant Milk

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Latent Monk


Physical desire
Great shafts of energy
Crashing the surface

Up from under
My ego
Struggling to appear gentle
Like thin glass
Like sensitive negotiations

My body
Trembles with power
I am nothing but body

Mind follows
Mute monk
In the train of a monarch

But your pretty head
Hair crumpled softly
On my shoulder
Apparent tranquility

Raging with need
My body
Can see
Nothing but peace

No warm palm
Kneading my chest
Kneading my thigh
No seeking fingers
Or urgent lips

Nothing but distant peace
Nothing but distant peace
Nothing but distant peace

Unwilling to risk
But weary of this
Bitter heat
My body
Calls down a hot plague
Upon your dreams
And then falls
Into indignant

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The Father Stone


The Father
Cutting south
A dark red path
Across our soul
Out into night....unknown
Leaving us weak
Wishing for drugged escape

The son
Back and down
Among some dictators family
Bugsby Berkeley dogs
Dancing happy
Humans need
To be shown how

Slicing south
Across the front
More flesh
More red pain
Rolling on the floor
Waiting forever
For fantasy relief
"But the strong don't need relief."
No more .....No more

I'm ready now for

Steady pain
Perseverent production
Babies bein' born
Little sharp stones
Changing everything
Slow red drips

Beautiful women beckon
And then don't beckon
But there they are
They are always there
Over there
Changing everything

Fathers and Sons
Heros for each other
One lackey showing the other
How to be eaten
By life

I'm ready now for

And yes
Fantasy tomorrows
Fill a weak heart

Fantasy yesterdays
Fill everyone's heart

Fills the strong heart alone

Money comforts us all
Lullaby of Broadway
Neonates needing
Nickels into bread
For budding stars
Fancy shoes fitting perfectly
Princess feet
But princes
Doomed by Fisher Kings
Faltering Kingdoms
All over the world

I am ready now for

What this world needs is
A good nickel cowboy
Full of desolate
Ready to two step
Right into our
Bojangles heart
Soft shoeing what remains
Down the rapids
Of the only
Real struggle

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Writer's Tool/Meal


Paper cuts
Up media
Of sharp knives

Sandwich slices
Caloric messages
Of tabasco tests

Over easy
Yellow down the hatch

Oven exits of
Euphoric escape
On a hopeless salad

Of broiled ideas
All oil drained
Vinegar to vapor

And a fantasy of
Frosted meaning
Over chocolated pancreas

Chased with green
Mile long virgin
River valley tea

A soothing witchery
Brewed by
Regressive warlocks

Visionary prisoners
Waiting for little boys
Carrying garlic

To shoooo away
Lazy bloodsuckers
Leaving more to

Bleed openly on
Stir fried sweet & sour

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The Rhapsodic Turtle

(Toward A Definition Of Myself As An Artist)

I am a turtle
I am not open for a good probing
I am frightened by heavy things
I am frightened by parasites
I am not introspective
I am depressed
When I am frightened I will not move from where I am
Because my legs, arms and head are not available for comment.
I have no assertion to make When others are asserting
I have few when they are not
They always are

I am a love sick turtle
I am open for a little masochistic probing
I am frightened by both heavy things and rejection
I am frightened by parasites.....but with vigor
I am not introspective.....But I am awake
I move back and forth from point "A" to point "B"
Only my arms and legs are extended
I have an assertion to make

I am a Father turtle
Did I want to be? (Stupid question)
I am being accused of being a Father turtle by my mate!
(This is very strange)
I am not a fulfilled turtle
I am neutral on introspection
I am a nervous masturbatory performing turtle
I have no assertions to make (One learns)

I am a briefly free Father turtle
Pandora turtle cracked my shell

I am a wound
I am a no species
I am a naked turtle
(I keep drawing in my head and arms and legs anyway)
I am probed constantly
I am an urgently masturbating, naked turtle

I am an infected wound
The infection is the medication

I am naked and have gas
I am vulnerable

And I asked her finally....quietly
"Why did you leave me to be with him?"
And she said finally....quietly
"Because I'm more comfortable when I am with him"
Flesh burning....electric stink of change
Defiant tears
Violent tears
Self hate tears
Tears of simple sorrow
I have learned unknowable secrets from her
And the folly of nakedness

I am naked

I have a fig leaf
(The fig leaf grows from the place where society touches my primal scream)
I will show life me
I am not harmed by their choices
When I listen and watch
My expectations with chagrin
(Those bloody exit blockers!)

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Michael and Chuck


For Mike


There are those
Stand this human body
In one place

Passing people

Accumulating sounds
Visions of meaning
Out from under
Other definitions

Passing themselves

Down into
New earth

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