Candles Upon Leaves
(For Connie)

Civilization appeared tens of thousands of years ago
Beside this sea

Born of a Spinning Spider
Upon this Turtle
Upon this Rock
Out of the Lips of this Canyon

My people have no history
Just a few lives spent
Arguing religion
Here yet

We try to know them
With our science
With our great wisdom of

Always with reductions
We say we study life
Forgetting to stop bringing death

I know this dancing girl
Her body a religion
Kicks with her ancient toe
Some dust into this river

The people watch
As if it turns to smoke
In the twirling current
Or candles upon leaves

Floating to the sea


to get the full story on the May 26, 2010 performance at

Cinefamily in Hollywood or see the next posting below, NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS.

Which poems will they perform?  Who will be in the band?

What will the background video be like?

Can I get a TRANSVALUE  hat or a TRANSVALUE shirt?


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