(Letter to the Skagit Valley Herald published 07-31-2011)

President Obama is trying to represent the middle in the fight over the debt ceiling. I like what he is doing and how he is doing it. Please let us all get together to support his approach. I trust his vision of finding middle ground.

I think the Republicans are ready to send the whole country down the river. I will stick with the President no matter what the Republicans do.

If the President needs me to sacrifice in order to reconstruct the middle ground I support him. If he needs to draw a line in the sand with the Republicans I will stick with him. I trust his instincts.

I am a pretty far left guy but I believe that in the end the middle class and the USA will die unless there is a political middle.

Ben Franklin imagined the middle class. I try to keep the middle class in my imagination. I think the Middle Class is necessary if America is to continue to mean actual opportunity for all. Many of our countrymen are frightened by the rising power of people of color in the world and in the USA. I am not afraid of that. (That is just the USA doing what God made the USA to do… prove that true equality of opportunity can create prosperity for all.) I am afraid that unless the left helps re-create the middle… the middle will end up being fascism.


The poisons come
Through my skin
Through my mouth
Through my eyes
Through my ears
Up my butt and
Through my spirit

The poisons come anyway so
Bring them on
Fill er up and down the hatch
I drink food love hate sadness rage fear manipulation tactics medicine religion science politics economics history literature love romance tabloid popular anything tv iPod wireless phone cell phone movies and magazines

I digest toxins that kill strong men and stronger oxen
I bathe in acids and bases undiluted and blistering and cook the skin off my old bones
Until it is time to eat some poison food

The poisons come
From inside of me
I age
I assume
I impulse
I predict
I self loathe
Then I blame you
Then I hate you
Then I consider you a foreigner
Alien to everything that is right and true
Certainly character assassination is justified
Race baiting can be effective
But then genocide is a much more sensible solution

I keep using plans that have never worked
I terrify my son and shame him until he hates me and follows in my footsteps
Then I start on my grandson

I choose poisons like a connoisseur
The right cigar
The right food
The right preacher
The right mentor
The right water
The right politician
The right neighbor
The right show
The right friend
The right artist
The right this or the right that

The poisons come
I anticipate them
I look at them
I look at them come into me
I romance them
I tell stories and build legends around them
I recite the deterioration of my flesh
I look at them come and do not stop them
I wonder about the poison
I wonder at the virulence
I wonder about my chances
I wonder about how long I will last
Will it get me this time?
Something will get me

Anything will do
As long as it is
More mellow-dramatic than my self-destructive mother and more terrifying than my attention-hogging father.

But in the mean time I will be your poison
Your base your acid
Cooking hell into your bones

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