Good Enough To Eat Your Love?
December 1, 2009 / December 1, 2010

It is not legal to shed this armor

I must swaller these sweets
And chaw these meats
And gnaw these endless piles of carbs

And die this early death

I live on a plain where everyone sees me
But no one can know my way out

I stand here naked
I stand here alone
I stand here with food in my mouth

I can hear you outside becon
Wanting nothing but to be with me

I strain at the gravity straps
I would take them off and die in the wind
If I could be that disloyal

Even now when
Life is great with love and
Bounty all around

How can I receive your love
When my mouth is chock full
Of calorous obligation

Can I be bad enough
To refuse their food

And good enough
To eat your love?


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