One Percent
(For John & Jane Doe)

The bloody brown
Tide of fascism
Will forever flow in
Now to ebb no more
With swastika for sun
Corporation for moon
And church for comfort

Tugging at Earth, Sea
Man and Woman
Using every public dollar
Every civil inch
Every pension fund
Every medical need
Every appetite
Every retirement anxiety
For the gain of the few

Corporate fiduciary child of Supreme Chicanery
Sucking at the public tit
Now legally and more efficiently
Than human child, elder or needy ever could

Working men and women in the middle
Vote away their vote
Nervous of another blow
Not knowing the final blow
Is already struck
We are comforted and distracted by clergy to forget…

Everything created
Belongs to One Percent
Every idea
Belongs to One Percent
Everything yearning
Belongs to One Percent

Until there is
No more public
No more civic
No more commons

Every hour of labor
We will ever do
Belongs to One Percent

With swastika for sun
With corporation for moon
The tide around the world
Now in perpetual flow
A relentless brown surge into every low land and high

We have all been sold the secret
Now kept only from our selves
By our selves
But how can self deception ever make us more than


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