No plan No vote

I am frustrated with the Republican Party. I am an independent voter, and I don’t think Republicans can win the presidency without me. I want a specific economic plan that is fair. I am tired of political posturing and stonewalling.

Our economic recovery is painfully slow, and to do nothing is irresponsible. I want both parties and all candidates to present a plan to cut the deficit while stimulating job growth. I like clear choices. President Obama has a plan that does both. I see nothing tangible coming from the Republicans.

I fear the Republicans are thinking that if they stonewall and do nothing, the slow recovery alone will sink Obama’s ship. If they do nothing, then they can count me out.

Where was the “tea party” when President Bush, through deregulation, tax cuts and unfunded wars, doubled the national debt and put us in this very deep hole?

Please, is there not a single moderate Republican who will stand up and say “We have learned from our mistakes, and I have a specific plan that will put us back on track?”

Any plan acceptable to me stops the massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to what George Bush called his political base — the rich and super-rich. Every time I hear Republicans refusing to consider reversing Bush’s tax cut to the rich, I see Speaker Boehner sticking his tongue out at me and saying, “Hal, I got your money, and I will not be giving it back.”

I am willing to forgive anyone who owns his or her mistakes. Republicans need to give me a plan and explain to me how it is better than the old status quo that dug the hole. No plan, no vote.

Hal Pullin
Mount Vernon, Washington

Published in the Skagit Valley Herald, September 29, 2011

NOTE FROM CHUCK: I was particularly impressed by this direct challenge to the Right by one of those mysterious “Independent ” voters. Hal is a good friend of mine.


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