The dry delusional sun of quality
Revolved around me

Like a mummy in a desert
I used to expect eventual notoriety
And believed notoriety
Was a magic of quality

Willing the gods to notice
I waited eons for success


All the un-mummified
Pyramid builders

All the un-published

Finally taught me

I now believe
Quality is a magic
Of function

Beyond the stringy shrouds
Of human manipulation

I wait no longer

I am swimming in an ocean
Of billions of souls

Mouths I can not see
Speaking the words
That float me

I am dancing on the ground
Of billions of bodies

Feet in their old dust
Allowing their physics
To lift me

I am breathing in the air
Of billions of ideas

Lungs once filled with hope
Willing their spirits
To animate me

I am burning in the fire
Of billions of passions

Eyes obsessed with visions
Growing in their deserts
That singe me


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