Firmament Street
(From Lewis Center To Finding Her To Van Nuys To Losing Her To Finding Me)

They came from the loins of pioneers
John Calvin came along to protect them from savages
Too much freedom is a sin
So all feeling is suspect

You can say what you feel
But don’t want to be heard
You can have your needs
But don’t ask me to

Asians and Caucasians and blacks and hispanics
Killing each other in rice patty and jungle and ghetto
But in a basement just off campus
One Caucasian smoked, ate Reeses Cups and read Shakespeare

Criminal led governments and other
Raging maniacs vying for my body
Big ideas bandied by mere humans
Babies and parents and grandparents die

I learned rage first in a suburb
Rage grew in the middle of a corn field
The middle of me husked over
Unable to feel either sun or rain beating down

The best of me demanding to burst out
The best of me forgetting who I might hurt
The Guard and Martial Law husk the town
In a sugar, tobacco and dramatic haze murder appears an option

She came as I knew she would
Just in time to save you all from me
Pulling me into humanity
Then whirling off to another scene

Left before I knew to predict
Little did I know what was good for me
I was meant to be with her
We were just as meant to end

There is a blank space
In the middle
Behind my eyes
Where some hope-boy used to be

My room in a crumbling wet house
Smack in the middle of an over sprinkled dessert
On Firmament Street where nature pretends not to rule
Walls welcomed nails with wet crumbling embraces

I bought ten sawdust and glue boxes
Filled my room up with them
Painted them white
Then painted them black

I filled them up with all my stuff
Filled my empty brain with who I am
Walked out into the Withoutyou Valley
Naked but for my sawdust and glue boxes

One sunny day
I took my mother
To the beautiful little country church
That’s the last I’ve seen of her

Death is miscast as the predator
We are meat to the living
I have gusts of sorrow
Sometimes twisters

Imploding memories
Carrying off babies
Destroying whole trailer courts
Of brain cells

Hoping for no weather at all
I must find a new way to a new home
The Celestial Firmament will contain me
Dead or alive or wet


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