John Leist, 2003

John Leist
(For Aaron David Britt)

And so it was
In the year 1969

No myth came out of pre-history
No legend came from oral history
No recorded history of these momentous events
No platinum hero emerged or chaste heroine
It was more than a football riot
But don’t try Google

There was an occupying army
There were attacks
There were counter attacks
There were sharpshooters on the rooftops
There was tear gas
There was intrigue
There were lovers
There was a Komarovsky
There was the knife
There was the daring flight
There was hiding

John was our rescuer
Tutti was his rescuer
He the mad doctor at the piano
She the passionate librarian
Who knew how to love through the decades
Making a music
That taught how music was made

For a time
After the rescue
We students made some music

It was you

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