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Some time minstrel, Ansel "Sally" Morrison, Ashville, Ohio about 1915.
Chuck's grandfather


Mom and Dad at their wedding. Columbus, Ohio 1941.

Chuck (Chic) with his mentor Jack, sister Beth watches
Worthington, Ohio 1954. (Dick Porter)

The Old State Road house, Liberty Township, OH.

Chic played briefly (months) and unhappily for Olentangy HS.
Olentangy won no games in Chic's four years.

Chic's special place in the woods off of Old State Road.

CHB ADB CMB, 13936 Bessimer, Van Nuys, CA 1975.

Chuck (Charles Breen)


Charles Breen introduced Chuck to art photography in 1978.

LA from the footbridge. 1979

Garage on the tracks. Van Nuys. 1979

David Crigger and Mike Turner at The Cellar with
Mike's "Julius Ivory" band

David Crigger and Michael Vlatkovich

David Crigger @ the John Anson Ford Theater circa 1975

David Crigger with Turbulence @ the John Anson Ford Theater circa 1978 (Larry Wilcox)

Dick Sullivan and Chuck at CAMERAVISION construction 1979. (Unknown)

In the basement of the historic Los Altos building at 4121 Wilshire Blvd. LA. 
In 1979 Chuck was voted president of Cameravision Coop Gallery. Chuck
became president just as the gallery site on Santa Monica Blvd. was lost to
a rent hike. Chuck, Dick and Charles Breen along with Jody Lozon and
others found the Los Altos space, renovated it and moved the coop gallery opening in August 1979.

CAMERVISION grand opening August 1979
Artists: Dick Sullivan, Chuck Britt, Charles Breen

From Chuck's first exhibit at CAMERAVISION.

Chuck at Cameravision, Exchange Night 1980 (Aldo Panzieri)

The entrance to CAMERVISION was down some stairs between
the Los Altos and Perino's restaurant.

CRITIQUE EXCHANGE, Cameravision 1980. (Aldo Panzieri)
Barbara Drucker, Jimmy Townes, Dick Sullivan, Larkin Higgins,
Chuck Britt and others.

Michael at the Onion on Sepulveda in the Valley.

In 1980 Chuck and Michael met at Cameravision. Together they produced
a series of concerts at the Gallery. Mike read Chuck's poetry. Two weeks
later Mike returned with scores for the poetry and away they went. Mike
often prefers his Kazoobone.

Chuck at Harlan Goldberg's for our first rehersals in 1980. (Harlan Goldberg)

Tuba or not toba. That is the question. (Harlan Goldberg)

"Parlor Games" Early performance at the ICE HOUSE in Pasadena.
Chuck, Mike, Harlan Goldberg and Bill Masonheimer
Scrim projections by Harlan and Chuck.

At the Ice House

Jay Hutson and Michael

Chuck and Aaron at Death Valley (Jody Lozon)

Harlan Goldberg 1979

Michael at work.

Michael at play.

Michael about 1985, (Painting, Larry Grouda)

Chuck about 1985 (Painting, Larry Grouda)

David Crigger

TRANSVALUE at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA (Richard Cline)

TRANSVALUE at the Onion

Dominic Genova

Unknown vocalist, Mark Underwood and Michael

TRANSVALUE at LAPA Gallery, Venice, California (Richard Cline)

Michael in Germany 1989

Michael, Chuck and Vinny Golia in Germany, 1989
(Someone using Chuck's camera)

TRANSVALUE Wiesbaden, Germany 1989 (Someone using Chuck's camera)

Michael, Chuck and Vinny in Germany, 1989 (Someone using Chuck's camera)


Breakfast at the farm house the morniing after the Wiesbaden performance. To Chuck's astonishment, during last night's trip to the farmhouse, NATO troups came out of the darkness and surrounded the car. The car lights illuminated surreal images of hundreds of men in arms lineing the ditches ready for the Russians and TRANSVALUE.

Mike and friend Germany 1989

Mike and friend Germany 1989

Jim Knodle (Steve Cline for Earshot Jazz)
Jim performs often with TRANSVALUE

Warren Hartman

Warren composed the tune for The Kissing Song and has been performiing with Michael and TRANSVALUE forever.

Warren and Michael

1991 West Coast Mini-Tour

(Norman Kulkin 1991 at LACA)

Constance. She wakes me. She evokes the voice. What I don’t know is a lot.

Young learners work on a poetry and music exercise with
Michael and Chuck with our friend Eric Chambers.

David Crigger at the switch.

David at the stick. (John Nyman)

David the always focused. (Lori Bradley)

Chuck and Michael BOOK III session. (David Crigger)

Warren Hartman BOOK III session. (David Crigger)

Bill Roper BOOK III session. (David Crigger)

Vinny Golia BOOK III session. (David Crigger)

Bill Plake and Jay Hutson BOOK III session. (David Crigger)

Chuck and Connie in Haifa

Chuck as minister! Ha!

Connie Chuck and sister Sharon

Marjorie Morrison Britt and Charles Hamilton Britt. 60th Anniversary in 2001.
Both born in 1921. Both died in 2007

Brother Rob somewhere in America. Rob and Chuck drove Charles H's Jeep
back from Ohio after their last visit with him.  December 2007

Show up and be part of your own culture.
Show up in the hot and the cold.
Show up inside your own body and enjoy
or don't enjoy some great local jazz.
But show up!

Connie Bonner-Britt at West Beach on Peuget Sound

Chuck at the same beach, different storm.

Chuck, Mount Vernon WA. Same guy, different storm.

A young admirer's portrait.

Aaron David Britt/Charles Morrison Britt

Aaron David Britt on stage in LA.

No Thing But Life
For Aaron 11-10-07

I have tried happiness
And much prefer it
All is tenderness and standing up

For my mother's right and my father's right
My own right and my lover’s right
And your right to choose happiness

I can but give you all the futures
For you a man to choose
Your selfhood

But you and I are both
Protected by a lioness for matriarch a lion for patriarch
Seeing deeply into the need for safety

And willing to risk all for it

Your life is in love with you
Being who you are a lover
As you have been and will be a lover

Love and family will chose you
When and where
You cast all votes at once

Melody sings and rhythm beats each step
Your heart and mine toward
The arms of life lived full

Your life can see
Your eyes contain
No thing but life