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TRANSVALUE BOOK III is dedicated to the lives and the creations of:

Glenn Horiuchi, Chuck Sabatino and Mike Turner.

These three men learned to express, through music, all it is to be human.
      They spent their brief lives giving their time to first developing their gifts, then sharing their gifts with us.
          The joy, grief, terror, and awe of human experience still flows to us from them through their recordings.
               Each was a master collaborator.
                    They knew how to share in the building of expressions too big for one person to get out.
                         Each was able to see and hear and feel the story trying to be told.
                              Each knew how to use their own art to make the shared story more complete.

They did it again here.

Glenn Horiuchi

Glenn Horiuchi was a man of extremes. He played extreme solos yet remained true to the tune. People of extremes continually surprise me. Glenn was mostly a leader. That’s an extreme. What surprised me was how much he looked forward to the release of this CD - because he would have a sideline credit. I found that pretty out. Out cats can make you question why you’re so in.

Bill Roper

Chuck Sabatino

We know you’re singin’ proud somewhere now with a great band of angels, finding that perfect pocket, making it feel just right. And we know you greeted God with that same big hug, the same warm heart, and easy smile you gave so freely to all of us. No tears in Heaven. Now listen in on the recollections of your old friends, still loving you, still holding on to your memory, those good times, still moved by the way you lived your life. This was the music you left behind for us. Your gift to us. And it will play on and on and on. Until we meet again.

Warren Hartman

Mike Turner

I met Mike Turner in 1973 shortly after moving to Los Angeles and he immediately became a true friend. He has been a very enthusiastc collaborator that I would call on for advice, inspiration, and support. He has made wonderful contributions to all my musical projects. Mike Turner has been essential to the development, expansion, and expression of my musical life. He was there early on for me, encouraging me to always strive to become more creative with limitless boundaries. I am so very appreciative that he contributed to this project and regret that none of the many other performances he has played with me were documented. That makes this project all the more special to me, he will be greatly missed, and certainly never forgotten.

Michael Vlatkovich